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Critical Cellular Care

C3 = Critical Cellular CareTM

Keep Small Cells from becoming big problems

C (to the 3rd power) means Critical Cellular Care™ here at Vibrant Health.

Overall health starts at the cellular level. Cells are the smallest living organisms in your body. (You can actually fit 37,000 red blood cells on the head of a pin). We’ve identified product formulations within the product line that significantly support cellular health. 

The human body is a community of 70 trillion individual cells and they all need to be fed, rested and protected from toxins, even those cells at the very peripheries of our bodies at the very tips of our fingers and toes. Our skin is made of cells, the brain is made of cells, our bones are made of cells, your heart and every other organ and tissue is made of cells. 

Each one is in constant communication with another. They provide energy for everything you do, and protect your DNA safe within their core.

Biochemical reactions occurring in each cell require a catalyst in the form of micronutrients.

They include: Vitamins, Minerals, and amino acids plus other organic acids used to generate cellular energy and construct essential enzymes. 

Cells that don’t get what they need, or are exposed to harmful toxins will malfunction. Research has shown that a poor diet – one low in antioxidants and other important phytonutrients – can diminish cellular vitality and health. Environmental exposure to toxins, like pesticides, herbicides and other contaminants, can damage the DNA that resides in your cells. 

This damage can affect the ability of your cells to produce energy. It can also cause cells to die early or mutate. Even worse, one failing cell may negatively affect the health of other cells and the function of an entire organ.

Your cells need a full spectrum of vitamins, especially the B-vitamins, to support energy production. Your cells also need healthy fats (like the omega-3 fatty acids) and a good source of protein to support healthy tissues and cell membrane function. And, your cells need a high intake of antioxidants, like the vitamin E family of tocopherols and tocotrienols, vitamin C (found in citrus fruits), and the carotenoids from vegetables. They help keep free radical production at a minimum, protecting against oxidative damage to your DNA. 

Other phytonutrients including flavanols, flavanoids, anthocyanidins, proanthocyanidins, organic acids and tannins from fruits, and catechins from green tea and grapes not only serve as antioxidents, but also turn on repair enzymes that fix errors in DNA. Vibrant Health brand products bring all of these nutrients, so critical to cellular care, to you.

The following Vibrant Health products have been identified as Critical Cellular CareTM Products:

A Man’s Zinc
Curcuminoids 95+
Maximized Curcuminoids
Glycemic Vibrance H
Green Vibrance
Krebs Zinc
Maximum Vibrance
Rainbow Vibrance
Super Natural C
Super Natural Boron