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Field of Greens
Raw supplement 

100% certified organic raw greens, Kosher, vegan, raw food supplement

Field of Greens is a collection of organic, Kosher, raw green foods that sets a new standard in green food nutrition, supporting immunity, and overall health.

  • 100% Raw Food
  • 100% Certified Organic
  • 100% Kosher
  • 100% Vegan Approved
  • Purely Green Food
  • Maximum Nutritional Value


Vibrant Health's Field of Greens sets a new standard for purity and healthful goodness among purely green foods. Field of Greens is the benchmark green food product for anyone seeking an organic, purely green food with MAXIMUM nutritional value. It is potently alkalinizing. Use it as part of your best detox cleansing diet program. 

Vibrant Health has assiduously sought the absolute highest quality green food ingredients. New technologies have been brought to bear on the components of Field of Greens so that full nutrition can be delivered. Each food is processed in the gentlest manner possible, and dried at the lowest temperature ever employed in this industry. That means each ingredient is a truly raw food. Full nutrition from the best greens from the best organic farmers in the United States flows into each jar of Field of Greens and then out to you each time you use it.


More Than Just Wheat Grass

Field of Greens is not just wheat grass or wheat grass juice powder, and not just barley grass either. It is a unique combination of the best green foods that can grow from organic soil. And that's important. Field of Greens is made from 100% certified organic:

  • alfalfa grass whole-leaf powder
  • alfalfa grass juice powder
  • barley grass whole-leaf powder
  • barley grass juice powder
  • oat grass whole-leaf powder
  • oat grass juice powder
  • wheat grass whole-leaf powder
  • wheat grass juice powder
  • alfalfa sprout powder
  • parsley powder
  • collard powder
  • kale powder
  • broccoli sprout powder
  • spinach powder


Stir up some Field of Greens in water to reconstitute the best possible purely green drink. Use it to fortify your morning smoothie, turning it into a green superfood. Add nutrition from Field of Greens to the best detox diet plan.

Raw Food

Vibrant Health and its suppliers have gone one step further in the use of certified organic ingredients. We have taken great care to dry and process each ingredient at the lowest possible temperature in order to preserve as much of the full nutrient value of the plant in its raw state. Field of Greens can be an excellent addition to any raw food diet. 

The exact definition of raw food varies, but the general consensus states that a raw food is a food that has not been altered by any method that would change its basic chemical structure through heating. The temperature at which changes take place is designated at or over 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Ingredients in Field of Greens have been dried at temperatures ranging from 40 degrees to 94 degrees Fahrenheit.



Broad based, plant based nutrition that helps:

  • Detoxify 
  • Regenerate 
  • Energize


Field of Greens is your best, green, raw food supplement. It may be used as a green food supplement providing nutrients necessary for optimum nutrition, and can serve as a beneficial part of the best cleansing diet.

Available in:

Field of Greens 15-single serving packets (301.7g, 3.76 oz.), $29.95

Field of Greens 30-Day (213g, 7.51oz.), $49.95

Field of Greens 60-Day (426g, 15.03oz.) $85.95



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