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To answer common questions about Vibrant Health products, we've listed them below by category and product name.

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Green Foods 

Green Vibrance

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Q: Is it safe to take Green Vibrance during pregnancy and lactation? I want to make sure that all the ingredients in the product are safe - particularly Ginkgo biloba - there is some information on the web that it is not recommended for pregnant women, but perhaps that is for certain dosages.
A: It is safe to take Green Vibrance during pregnancy and lactation. Many women have used Green Vibrance throughout their pregnancies to great benefit for themselves and the fetus. Green Vibrance delivers essential trace nutrition that benefits both mother and child while improving digestion so that nutrient intake can be maximized. Other ingredients – including ginkgo biloba – help improve circulation thereby enhancing nutrient delivery to all cells and, of course, to the placenta.The formula will also help to alkalize the Mother who may be experiencing instances of indigestion.  

Q: There is information on the web that says Ginkgo biloba is not safe for pregnant women, as this is an ingredient in Green Vibrance - should this be of concern?
A: The potential dangers of ginkgo biloba alluded to on the web are related to two factors: 1.) Dosage and 2) vascular integrity. Dosages of hundreds of milligrams per day of ginkgo extract would be unwise for anyone without first paying close attention to overall cardiovascular health. Blood vessels can be prone to leakage IF nutrition is poor. If vitamin C, zinc, calcium, polyphenols, and, to a lesser degree, vitamin D, vitamin K and boron are under-supplied in the diet, collagen synthesis suffers, and blood can leak through capillary walls at frightening rates. The medical community fears ginkgo, because it can thin blood, and improve circulation. Thinner blood will be more prone to seeping rapidly through capillary walls if vascular integrity is poor.
Much of allopathic physician’s fear is unfortunately founded on ignorance. They cannot know everything, of course, and the nuances of herbal substances remain unknown to most of them. They are unaware that ginkgo biloba also contains a range of polyphenols that actually improve vascular integrity. So the concern that ginkgo, in conservative doses, may lead to excessive bleeding is overrated, especially in healthy individuals. [However, it is certainly not recommended to give ginkgo to a patient suffering with scurvy. In such a case, vascular integrity has deteriorated to such a point that other nutrients (e.g. vitamin C, zinc, calcium, vitamin D) are needed first to restore firm collagen bonds among the cells of vascular tissue before any blood thinning agent can be given.]
In Green Vibrance, ginkgo biloba is present at a dosage that will not lead to capillary leakage, but will enhance circulation. It is safe to make this statement because the ginkgo is also paired with grape seed extract, milk thistle extract, green tea extract, and Acerola berry extract. All of these botanical extracts supply vitamin C and polyphenols that will enhance vascular integrity. Other nutrients that help build and sustain vascular integrity can be found throughout Green Vibrance (i.e. calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K and boron.)
Green Vibrance is balanced, and thoughtfully formulated. It has contributed to the birth of many strong, healthy babies since it first appeared in 1992.

Q: Is Green VIbrance safe for children?
A: Yes, see dosage chart.

Q: Can I mix Green Vibrance with other vitamins, proteins, or super foods?
A: Yes.  Green Vibrance is foundational, so adding other supplements as adjuncts is a best practice that has been employed by many over the past 20 plus years. Since the products introduction into the Natural Products Industry, consumers have taken fish oils and other supplements along with Green Vibrance.  Others have looked to Green Vibrance to replace a myriad of Supplements.  The Vibrant Health Branded Products that are great adjuncts to Green Vibrance are Pure Green Protein and Rainbow Vibrance.

Q: I am going through Chemotherapy and or radiation can I still use Green Vibrance?
A: Yes.  Many Customers undergoing Chemotherapy have suggested that they felt better during Chemo while taking Green Vibrance.

Q: Can I give Green Vibrance to my cat or dog?
A: Yes.  Over the past twenty years consumers have share with us stories of how their pets love Green Vibrance.  See our pet page for details.

Q: Can I put Green Vibrance in a feeding tube?
A: We think this is a great idea…However, you should check with your doctor.

Q: Is there caffeine in Green Vibrance?
A: There is a small amount—4/10ths of a milligram from the decaffeinated green tea.

Q: Can I use Green Vibrance as a weight loss product?
A: Yes, you can replace 1 or 2 meals with Green VIbrance.  However, to feel more full we suggested adding one scoop of Pro Matcha(vanilla, chocolate, or natural) to one scoop of Green Vibrance in vanilla or unflavored almond or rice milk.  Yum!

Q: Is Green Vibrance gluten free?
A: Yes! Always has been, always will be.

Q: When is the best time to take Green Vibrance?
A: The absolute best time is about half an hour after a light breakfast.  Many consumers will use Green Vibrance in a smoothie for breakfast, which is fine.  The most important thing is TO TAKE Green Vibrance daily when it’s most  convenient for you to do so routinely.  

Q: I left the Green Vibrance out on the counter, is it still good?
A: Yes, the main reason for keeping it in the fridge or freezer (best) is to retard the die-off of the probiotics.    Leaving it out (as long as it is not exposed to extreme heat or moisture) will not harm the product.  However, the probiotics die-off will be slowed down once the container is placed in the refrigerator or freezer (best)

Q: Can I cook with Green Vibrance?
A: NO!  Heating the product will destroy the probiotics and enzymes.  Green Vibrance is an undiluted, comprehensive, restorative, live Superfood.  Please do not cook with it.  Blend it into a smoothie or mix it with your favorite juice or water and drink it with your meal if you would like.

Q: Do I need to take a multi-vitamin with Green Vibrance?
A: Depending on your diet, additional supplements may prove to be complementary.  For example, If you are not getting enough Protein…Pro Matcha would be a great addition.

Q: Does Green Vibrance contain soy?
A: No. Earlier versions of Green Vibrance contained Lecithin from Soy.  However, there was never any detectible Soy Compounds found in Green Vibrance.  Today, Green Vibrance contains Lecithin derived from Sunflower and is Soy Free. 

Q: Is Green Vibrance vegan?
A: Green Vibrance contains probiotics, but all other ingredients are vegan. 

Q: Where is the Vitamin D from?
A: Lichen, which is a (non-harmful) fungus found on trees and rocks that absorbs usable Vitamin D3 .

Q: Can I use Green Vibrance more than once a day?
A: Yes.  Green Vibrance can be taken one or more times per day.  More than once per day and up to three times per day is recommended for crisis intervention.  

Q: The Green Vibrance is a bit off---taste is different and is off in color- Is this normal?
A:  Green Vibrance is a food and therefore is not standardized like most supplements.  Depending on weather conditions and/or when or where the crops are harvested color and taste can vary.

Q: I found Green Vibrance in my cabinet; it is still in date, is it safe to take?
A: Yes.  There are two desiccant packets in each container of Green Vibrance.  One is a moisture absorbing packet the other an oxygen absorbing packet.  Removing moisture and air from the container helps to keep it fresh.  However, once opened you should store Green Vibrance in your refrigerator or freezer (best).  

Q: Is Green Vibrance free from common allergens?
A: Yes.  Green Vibrance is free from common allergens.    

Super Kids Vibrance

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Q: Can I give Super Kids Vibrance to a child younger than 3 years old.
A: Super Kids' Vibrance is best suited for children between the ages of 2 to 12 years. It can be given to children younger than two at reduced dosages, but young children tend to use sippy cups or baby bottles that have pinhole or slightly larger openings. Super Kids' Vibrance powder in solution may simply be too thick to efficiently pass through the narrow openings in bottles and sippy cups. However, bottles with crosshatched openings are specifically designed to handle thicker beverages, and could be used to deliver Super Kids' Vibrance through a baby bottle. The dosage should be reduced to 1/4-1/2 serving. Dosages of Green Vibrance for infants and children were calculated BEFORE Super Kids' Vibrance entered our product line. As a result, you have dosages for both Super Kids' Vibrance and Green Vibrance that are suitable for children.

Q: Does my child need to take a multi-vitamin with Super Kids' Vibrance?
A: Super Kids' Vibrance has plentiful selections of fruits, vegetables and proteins to support the growth and development of children. It is a concentrated superfood containing: probiotics, nutrient dense cereal grasses, vegetable-based proteins, Mom’s favorite fruits and vegetables, and brain and nerve foods. This formula can be taken alone or along with a multivitamin to ensure your child is getting everything he/she needs for growth and maturation. You may check with your health care provider to determine your child’s specific nutritional needs.

Q: How does Super Kids' Vibrance differ from Green Vibrance?
A: Super Kids' Vibrance was developed to support the health and maturation of children ages 2 to 12.  GV Junior delivers what is required to make young people grow and thrive. Super Kids' Vibrance broad range of key nutrients fuel growth and maturation. It fills the gaps of a child’s biased and randomly selected diet. Super Kids' Vibrance protein builds muscle, bone, and a robust endocrine system. Its zinc assures growth, healing, immunity and sexual development, and trace nutrients regulate enzyme systems throughout the body. Super Kids' Vibrance fuels brain development and supports every body system.

Q: Is Super Kids' Vibrance dairy-free?
A: Yes, Super Kids' Vibrance is a dairy-free formula.  The protein component is made of Spirulina, Rice and Yellow Pea  proteins.  

Q: How many servings of fruits and vegetables are in Super Kids' Vibrance?
A: As with Green Vibrance, there are approximately 4 ½ servings of fruits and vegetables in Super Kids' Vibrance. Moreover, there is a full phyto-mineral complex in Super Kids' Vibrance that provides trace minerals under-supplied in most of today's fruits and vegetables due to soil depletion from over-farming.

Q: Is Super Kids' Vibrance gluten free?
A: Yes, The Celiac Society sets no gluten threshold at which celiac disease is triggered; FDA considers less than 20 ppm to be gluten free and Super Kids' Vibrance is less than 20 ppm in gluten.

Q: What can I mix Super Kids' Vibrance with?
A: Super Kids' Vibrance can be mixed with 8 ounces of any cold beverage of choice.  Our favorites: almond milk, rice milk, [equal parts] apple juice and water or OJ and water, in a smoothie, fresh juice or in plain water.  To hide the green color grape or pomegranate will do the trick.

Q: Can adults take the Super Kids' Vibrance?  
A: Though it was not designed for Adults many have started with Super Kids' Vibrance and have then graduated to Green Vibrance. This isn't a bad idea at all. Many adults that were born Cesarean may benefit from an inoculation of probiotics (indigenous to the gut of a child) that they didn't get by being birthed traditionally. 


Vibrant Cleanse

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Vibrant Cleanse

Q: Why are organic lemons used in Vibrant Cleanse?
A: Organic lemons are used in Vibrant Cleanse because they are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or contaminants.  Lemons are used to provide a rich source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful and effective antioxidant that protects our bodies from free radicals that cause oxidative stress. Excessive oxidative stress, or "cellular rust," can lead to a host of severe medical conditions, such as atherosclerosis that can cause both heart disease and stroke, and is associated with many different types of cancer, including lung, mouth, throat, colon, stomach and esophagus. Vitamin C also helps to regenerate your supplies of vitamin E (another useful antioxidant). 

Q: What is Vibrant Cleanse and why was it designed?
A: Vibrant Cleanse was designed as a powered version of the “Lemonade Diet”. The Lemonade Diet was designed by Naturopath Stanley Burroughs as a liquid fast to rid the body of toxins: industrial pollutants in the air we breathe and the water we drink, chemical residues in processed foods, and strange molecules from our medicines and cooking pans, have all embedded themselves in tissues and organs.

Q: Why is cayenne pepper used?
A: The inclusion of cayenne pepper in Vibrant Cleanse is primarily to aid in the healing of intestinal lesions.  Cayenne is great for the stomach and the intestinal tract. It stimulates the peristaltic motion of the intestines and aids in assimilation and elimination. Notwithstanding its hot taste, paradoxically it is actually superb for rebuilding the tissue in the stomach, facilitating healing with stomach and intestinal ulcers. It can help break up mucus as well as supply many B and C Vitamins.

Q: What can I drink while cleansing?
A:  You may drink decaffeinated herbal tea throughout the day to help break up the monotony of cleansing.  A mint tea can also be used occasionally to assist in cleansing as well as to neutralize mouth and body odors that may be released during the cleansing process. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to help aid in elimination. 

Q: Can I eat while cleansing?
A: Vibrant Cleanse was designed to be a short term” liquid” fast to rid the body of toxins. To achieve the best possible results, it is important that you do not consume any food during the fasting phase.  When you have completed your cleanse you may use Vibrant Cleanse anytime as a meal replacement for one or more meals. 

Q: How much potassium is in Vibrant Cleanse?
A: There are 35 milligrams of potassium per tablespoon of Vibrant Cleanse which is delivered from the Grade B maple syrup.

Q: Will I be fatigued while on the cleanse?
A: Fatigue is not always a complaint, but we have had feedback from consumers stating the first 2 days were the worst for hunger and headaches.  Your body is getting rid of toxins and this is common.  After the first 2 days, symptoms tend to subside and the cleanse gets easier.  In fact, you will begin to feel more energy as your body is not bogged down with the process of digestion.  

Q: I don’t want to lose weight while cleansing, is there anything I can do?
A: Add more Grade B maple syrup to each glass.  BUT remember you are losing mucus and waste so some initial weight loss will occur. 

Q: I am taking medications prescribed by my doctor; can I still use the product?
A: Please consult your doctor first!  This product is designed to flush out all your organs; therefore, medications will NOT be fully absorbed.  If you choose to cleanse, medications should be taken in the AM before you start the cleanse for the day.

Q: Should I take a multi-vitamin?
A: Again, the Vibrant Cleanse is designed to flush out organs, taking a multi-vitamin won’t hurt you if you choose to take it, but it will more than likely not be absorbed.

Q: Can this product help me lose weight?
A: Yes this product will help in weight loss if used as a liquid fast. You will consume only Vibrant Cleanse 6 to 8 times per day and drink plenty of water and unlimited amounts of herbal tea.  Your body will utilize the stores of fat for energy therefore you will lose weight while cleansing.  However, this was not designed as a weight loss product.  Once normal eating resumes you may see the weight that was lost return.

Q: Can I use hot water to mix it with?
A: Yes, Vibrant Cleanse can be mixed with hot or cold water. Some people find that mixing with hot water and drinking like a tea can be more fulfilling. Make sure you are drinking 6 to 8 glasses or cups per day and plenty of water to aid in proper elimination.

Q: Are there other ways to take the Vibrant Cleanse?
A: It can be mixed with hot or cold water or made into ice cubes.


Pro Matcha

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Pro Matcha

Q: Is Pro Matcha dairy free?
A: Yes, Pro Matcha consists of all plant and vegetable-based proteins and amino acids.

Q: Is Pro Matcha safe to use for pregnant or breastfeeding women?
A: Yes, by taking Pro Matcha a woman will boost her protein intake with plant-based proteins.

Q: I am vegetarian, is Pro Matcha good for me?
A: Yes, Pro Matcha does not contain any animal by-products and is both vegetarian and vegan. Additionally, it contains essential Vitamin B12 which can be difficult for vegetarians or vegans to get an adequate supply of in their diets.

Q: Can I put Pro Matcha in any smoothie?
A: Yes, Pro Matcha is a great addition to any smoothie recipe.

Q: Can I mix Pro Matcha with Green Vibrance?
A: Yes, many of our customers combine multiple powders to achieve maximum benefits.

Q: How is Pro Matcha different than other proteins on the market?
A: Pro Matcha is a clean plant-based protein combining carefully selected key amino acids that are designed to closely match human muscle and shade grown matcha green tea.

Q: Can Pro Matcha be used as a meal replacement?
A: Yes, Pro Matcha is a great meal replacement product that contains 21 (22 in chocolate) grams of protein from 13.7 pounds of raw vegetables.

Q: What flavors is Pro Matcha available in?
A: Pro Matcha is available in Natural, Chocolate and Vanilla.

Q: How come the greens in your Pro Matcha powder are not Organic?
A: The only green things in it are spirulina, which is actually blue green, and it IS certified organic. The other green ingredient is the DoMatcha green tea powder.



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Q: What is Gigartina?
A: Gigartinaceae (Gigartina) is a species/family of wild harvested red marine algae which is a very rich source of sulfated polysaccharides. Since 1984, sulfated polysaccharides have demonstrated an ability to improve the body’s defenses. 

Q: What are polysaccharides?
A: Polysaccharides are complex carbohydrate structures found in algae, and appear to aid bodily defenses by forming a shield that inhibits the pathogen’s ability to adhere to cell walls.

Q: Is the Gigartina available in more than one size?
A: Yes, Gigartina comes in a 90 or 120 count bottle.

Q: What does Gigartina do?
A: Gigartina can adhere to healthy cell membranes and is helpful with viral infections. 

Q: What can I use Gigartina for?
A: Gigartina has been very helpful for the suppression of viral infections and has even been successful with controlling Multiple Sclerosis: 

Q: When is the best time to take Gigartina?
A:  As a food supplement, Gigartina is best taken on an empty stomach for maximum absorption.

Q: How many times a day can I take Gigartina?
A: As a daily maintenance dose it is recommended to take 4 capsules on an empty stomach, or more as recommended by a health professional. 

Q: Is Gigartina gluten free?
A: Gigartina is Gluten Free. 

Q: Is Gigartina vegetarian safe?
A: Gigartina is suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike. The ingredients are encapsulated in a vegetable cellulose capsule. 

Q: What is the capsule made from?
A: The capsule used for Gigartina is a vegetable cellulose.

Q: Is it safe to take Gigartina while pregnant?
A: Gigartina is an algal plant-based red marine algae and is safe to use while pregnant. However, please check with your doctor or health care professional. 

Q: Is it safe for children to take Gigartina?
A: Gigartina is an algal plant-based red marine algae and is safe for children.  Please refer to dosing chart.

Q: Is there a limit on how long one can take Gigartina?
A: Gigartina can be taken indefinitely. If your symptoms persist you may continue on the product until you are satisfied with the outcome. 

Q: Is Gigartina safe to take with other supplements, or other Vibrant Health products?
A: Gigartina is a food supplement. It is a plant –based algae safe to take with other supplements, or other Vibrant Health products. If you have any concerns please check with your doctor or health professional.

Rainbow Vibrance

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Q: Is Rainbow Vibrance gluten free?
A: Yes.

Q: Is Rainbow Vibrance vegetarian safe?
A: Yes, Rainbow Vibrance is completely safe for vegetarians and vegans

Q: What is the difference between Rainbow Vibrance and Green Vibrance?
A:  Rainbow Vibrance is a full spectrum superfood providing red, yellow, green, and blue fruits and vegetables; Green Vibrance is a comprehensive restorative superfood, providing you with greens, sea vegetables, additional enzymes, and probiotics.  

Q: Is it safe to take Rainbow Vibrance in combination with other supplements, or other Vibrant Health products?
A: Yes, Rainbow Vibrance is a great adjunct formula for Green Vibrance, Field of Greens and/or Pro Matcha.  It’s plant based and safe to take along with other supplements, or other Vibrant Health products.

Q: Why are the plant sterols important in Rainbow Vibrance?
A: Plant sterols can help block the absorption of cholesterol and are Heart Healthy. Plant sterols are best known for their ability to lower cholesterol. This benefit has been so thoroughly studied that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows products that contain plant sterols (that meet certain qualifications) to carry a health claim stating that such products can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Q: What are polyphenols?
A: Polyphenols are the bright pigments in fruits and vegetables that provide a good source of antioxidants.  

Q: Does the mixed berry flavoring contain strawberries in the Rainbow Vibrance?
A: No, there are no strawberries in the Rainbow Vibrance.

Q: What is the best time of day to take Rainbow Vibrance?
A: Anytime during the day is a great time to take Rainbow Vibrance.

Q: How many servings are in a container of Rainbow Vibrance?
A: The Rainbow Vibrance is available in a 30 serving canister.

Q: Do I need to store Rainbow Vibrance in the refrigerator?
A: No, Rainbow Vibrance can be stored in the cabinet, or a cool dry place but it wouldn't hurt to put it in your refrigerator or freezer.

Q: Is Rainbow Vibrance safe to use when pregnant?
A: Yes, Rainbow Vibrance is not only safe to use when pregnant, but very good for mother and unborn child.

Q: Can children take Rainbow Vibrance?
A: Yes, as soon as a child can eat solid foods, it is safe for them to take Rainbow Vibrance.  

RMA Ointment

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Q: What is RMA Ointment used for?
A: RMA Ointment has a wide variety of uses including, but not limited to: cold sores, chicken pox, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, diaper rash, acne, surface scarring, bruises, insect bites.  It is a wonderful healing ointment that has been reported by many to be helpful in soothing a cold sore.

Q: How often can I use RMA Ointment?
A: As often as needed to relieve discomfort and to aid in healing.

Q: What is Gigartina, and why is it used in RMA Ointment?
A: Gigartina is a red marine algae that is rich in sulfated polysaccharides.  It possesses strong immune properties, and combined with the healing Emu Oil produces great relief against cold sores, and other skin lesions.

Q: What size container is the RMA Ointment available in?
A: ¼ ounce jar is the only size available at this time.

Q: What does RMA stand for?
A: Red Marine Algae.

Q: Can I use RMA Ointment on Shingles?
A: RMA ointment has been reported to provide relief, and aid with healing of Shingles.

Q: Can I use RMA Ointment in conjunction with taking Gigartina orally?
A: Yes!  The combination of both products is a great idea.  While the Gigartina works from the inside, the RMA ointment will work from the outside helping to provide relief and speed up the healing of many topical lesions.

Q: Can RMA Ointment be used on genitals?
A: RMA ointment has been shown to be safe for use on all areas of the body.

Q: Is it safe to use RMA Ointment when pregnant?
A: Yes. 

Q: Is it safe to use RMA Ointment on children?
A: Yes.

Super Natural Boron 

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Q: Is it ok to take the Super Natural Boron and Super Natural Calcium together to help osteoporosis?
A: Yes, absolutely. Taking them together is fine, although the boron can be taken whenever it is convenient.

Q: What is boron good for?
A: Boron is a trace mineral essential to human health and must be obtained from diet or supplements. This nutrient recently gained popularity after researchers found that it helps the bones use calcium. Increased boron levels in the soil have been associated with a lower risk of osteoarthritis.

Q:  What are some of the benefits of taking Super Natural Boron supplementally?

  1. Resists collagenase enzymes.

  2. Improves homeostasis of the active, hormonal form of vitamin D, especially in those deficient in vitamin D.

  3. May raise testosterone levels as much as 50% if needed in men in 60 days.

  4. May increase DHEA and Vitamin-D-3 levels if needed in men and women.

  5. May help postmenopausal women deficient in vitamin D-3 by increasing hormonal D-3, testosterone, estradiol and DHEA.The net effect of boron has been repeated in studies on many species of mammals from mice to humans. When Boron nutrition is adequate, the body retains more calcium than it loses (positive calcium balance).

Q:  Who might benefit from taking Super Natural Boron?
A:Athletes and anyone who aspires to healthy muscle tone may be interested in Boron. Adequate Boron nutrition from diet or phyto-boron supplementation may optimize both 1,25(OH)2 Vitamin D-3 and testosterone levels. These hormones not only help build and strengthen bone and connective tissue, but also help support lean body mass and fat metabolism.*

Q:  Why might Super Natural Boron be important for everyone to take?
A:  1) Because too many of us fail to take in optimal levels of Vitamin D and Boron. 2) Because nearly every woman past 30 and man past 40 loses more calcium in their urine than they absorb from their diets (i.e. negative calcium balance). 3) Because so many of us are overweight.

As research over past decades examined Boron in human and animal biochemistry, it was found to play a key role in the regulation of hormonal Vitamin D and testosterone. The benefits of supplemental boron derive from its role in supporting normal hormone levels and ratios (homeostasis). of the hormonal form of vitamin D, (1, 25(OH)2 Vitamin D-3 or calcitriol) and testosterone. Supplemental boron as patented calcium fructo-borate, a form found in plants, is natural, safe and bioavailable.

The net effect of boron has been repeated in studies on many species of mammals from mice to humans. When Boron nutrition is adequate, the body retains more calcium than it loses (positive calcium balance).

Q: Is Super Natural Boron Plant-Based?
A: Our Boron is from calcium fructoborate. Its chemical structure is similar to one of the natural forms of boron such as bis-manitol, bis-sorbitol, bis-fructose, and bis-sucrose borate complexes found in edible plants. In vitro studies revealed that calcium fructoborate is a superoxide ion scavenger and anti-inflammatory agent.

Super Natural C

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Q: How many capsules come in one bottle of Super Natural C?
A: Super Natural C is available in bottles of 60 capsules only.

Q: Does Super Natural C contain corn syrup?
A: No, our Vitamin C comes from natural sources like Acerola berry, and Camu-camu extracts and many more.  It is 100% non-synthetic unlike common supplements sourced from Ascorbic Acid which is 100% synthetic.

Q: What is the capsule made of?
A: It is two piece vegetable cellulose capsule.

Q: Is Vibrant Health Super Natural C non GMO?
A: Yes.

Q: Does the Super C contain any synthetic absorbic acid?
A: No.

Q: Is Super Natural C gluten free?
A: Yes, Vibrant Health Super Natural C is gluten free.

Q: Is Super Natural C vegetarian safe?
A: Yes, Super Natural C is vegetarian safe

Q: Is Super Natural C certified kosher?
A: Yes.

Q: What is Bioperine?
A: Bioperine is pure piperine extract obtained from black pepper fruits; enhances the bioavailability of herbs and other nutrients through increased absorption.

Q: Can I take Super Natural C in combination with other supplements, or Vibrant Health products?
A: Yes, Super Natural C is all natural, food and plant based, and is safe to take with other supplements.

Q: What is the best time of day to take Super Natural C?
A: Anytime of day that is convenient for you is fine to take the Super Natural C.

Q: Is it safe to take Super Natural C while pregnant?
A: Yes.

Q: Is it safe for children to take Super Natural C?
A: Yes, Super Natural C is suitable for a child who can swallow a capsule, or they can be opened an added to a smoothie or juice of your choice.

Super Natural Calcium

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Q: Is it ok to take the Phyto-Boron and Super Natural Calcium together to help osteoporosis?
A: Yes, absolutely. Taking them together is fine, although the boron can be taken whenever it is convenient.

Q: Why are Maximized Turmeric 46x and Super Natural Calcium in tablet form rather than capsules? What about the use of dicalcium phosphate and magnesium stearate as excipients?
A: The raw materials in Maximized Curcuminoids (turmeric root extract) and Green Calcium (hydrilla verticillata) have low bulk densities. Encapsulation would result in the need for multiple large capsules in order to provide a meaningful dose.

Q: I am concerned that absorbing high amounts of calcium may cause constipation.
A: Absorbed calcium plays far less a role in constipation than calcium compounds in transit through the bowels do, and since calcium is required for muscle contraction, absorbed calcium actually normalizes peristaltic action (the waves of muscle contractions that move things through the bowel) thus helping to ensure efficient transit of contents through the intestinal tract. Calcium from a food such as the hydrilla verticillata in Green Calcium is the least constipating of all forms of calcium.
Normal bowel function can be expected from a diet short on grains and refined carbohydrates, but containing plenty of fiber from fruits and vegetables and an adequate supply of probiotics, magnesium and Vitamin C

Q: How much vitamin D should be taken with Super Natural Calcium?
A: A good daily intake of Vitamin D is now considered to be 2,000 i.u. Some researchers are advising daily intake of 5,000 i.u., similar to the recommended daily Vitamin A dosage, for optimal health.
D3 is the ideal form of Vitamin D to take as a supplement. The human body has control mechanisms in place that regulate conversion of D3 to its hormonal form, whereas D2 is foreign to the body, lacks controls, and can actually be too aggressive, causing deposition of calcium into soft tissues such as the arteries and muscles, a side effect not shared with D3.

Q: What is the suggested daily intake of Super Natural Calcium (hydrilla verticillata) for teenagers, adults and pregnant women?
A: Teenagers’ metabolism is at its lifetime peak, building most tissues at a fearsome rate. Calcium is needed at high levels. Depending on the quality of the diet, 1,000 to 2,000 mg of calcium should support growth well. However, soft drink consumption (especially those containing phosphoric acid), processed foods, snack items and other less-than-wholesome foods that often invade a youth’s diet, can compromise the dietary calcium contribution and utilization.
Dietary habits play such an important role in calcium bioavailability and utilization that it is impossible to accurately predict what intake of calcium will work best for any given person without knowing their customary eating habits and lifestyle choices. Nevertheless, most experts claim that 1,000 to 1,200 mg calcium is adequate for adults, and 1,500 to 2,000 mg for pregnant and lactating women. For the latter, Green Calcium (hydrilla verticillata) is certainly safe for use during pregnancy. We recommend using it in combination with Phyto-Boron and Green Vibrance.

Vitamin D3

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Q: What is the Vitamin D3 derived from?
A: Lanolin

Q: What is Vitamin D3 good for, why should I take it, what are the benefits?
A: Studies have reported Vitamin D3 can help strengthen immunity, sustain a healthy skeleton, protect your skin, brain function, and balance immune response.

Q: Can Vitamin D3 act as an anti-cancer?
A: It has been reported to be helpful in the prevention of cancer…however, Vibrant Health makes no claim to affirm these studies.

Q: What is the recommended dose for an adult?
A: 2,000 – 4,000 iu, 4,000 – 10,000 iu for seniors

Q: What is the recommended dose for a child/infant?
A: 1,000 iu for an infant, 2,000 iu for children & teenagers

Q: When is the best time to take Vitamin D3?
A: Vitamin D3 is best taken with meals that contain some fat, to help maximize absorption.

Q: Are there any excipients in Vibrant Health Vitamin D3?
A: Yes, Organic maltodextrin, organic rice bran extract, organic gum Arabic, silicon dioxide.

Q: What potencies/doses of D3 are available?
A: 2,000 IU and 4,000 IU.

Q: What does “Organitab” mean?
A: At Vibrant Health, we disperse D3 into organic alfalfa grass powder and sunflower oil before blending it into Green Vibrance. In our D3 tablets, we disperse the vitamin into a base of certified organic maltodextrin, certified organic rice bran and certified organic gum Arabic in order to produce a clean, organic tablet free from pesticides, herbicides and other contaminants.

Q: Is Vitamin D3, and its components non GMO?
A: Yes, the Vitamin D3 tablet is non GMO.

Q: If the sheep wool used to make D3 is dipped into a toxic chemical bath to kill the bugs etc. and this is what can cause reactions to lanolin in the wool in some people. How can this be certified organic if pesticides are entwined?
A: There are no “toxic chemicals” used in the production of D3 and there are no such chemicals in the finished material. A pharmaceutically pure nutrient such as vitamin B1, vitamin D3, and biotin cannot be certified organic because they are synthesized. It must meet USP standards, that is, very precise requirements for purity. It is incumbent upon us to buy good material, and we do. Certainly, a disreputable supplier might try to slip contaminated material into the marketplace, but requirements for the manufacturer, raw material seller, and buyer to test the material for heavy metals and pesticide residues closes the door on such materials ever legally making it into the U.S. marketplace. If noxious substances are present in the material they will be detected somewhere along the line. 

In order to qualify as a pure nutrient, by definition there may be no other molecular substances present in it other than waters of hydration, and, occasionally, mineral ash measured in fractions of parts per billion or parts per million. In other words, these compounds must essentially be 100% pure.

Q: What is lanolin?
A: Lanolin is the odiferous, pale-yellow, natural oil found on sheep's wool. It can be separated from wool by boiling the wool and/or squeezing it through a pair of rollers. As a waste product in wool processing, it's also known as wool oil, wool wax, wool fat, or wool grease. It is a natural water repellant to waterproof the sheep. Lanolin also has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that protect the sheep's skin from infection. Derived from the animal's oil glands, lanolin is a mixture of wool fat and 25-30% water. It is about 20% cholesterol. 

Q: How come both potencies are the same size tablet?
A: The finished vitamin D3 material is extremely concentrated. So, it must be blended with and dispersed among any of a variety of carriers. Once diluted in this manner, it can be safely added to nutritional products to deliver even, consistent dosages with each serving. So, just the concentrated amount of D3 is adjusted, to make the potency higher or lower in the same size tablet.

Q: Who certifies Vitamin D3 as organic?
A: Quality Assurance International.

Q: What is Cholecalciferol?
A: This is the finished product, D3, after Lanolin completes the synthesizing process.

Q: Are the sheep harmed in the process of collecting the lanolin?
A: No, the sheep are sheered several times a year, for their wool, to makes clothes, socks, etc., and the lanolin is collected after the sheering process.

Q: What is the source of the matlodextrin used in the Vitamin D3?
A: It is organic corn.

Q: Is the Vibrant Health Vitamin D3 Gluten free?
A: Yes, Vibrant Health Vitamin D3 is FDA Gluten free.

Q: Can I take Vibrant Health Vitamin D3 in combination with other supplements, or other Vibrant Health products?
A: Yes, it is safe to take Vibrant Health vitamin D3 with other supplements or Vibrant Health products.

Q: Is it safe to take Vibrant Health Vitamin D3 while pregnant?
A: Yes.

Q: Is it safe for children to take Vibrant Health Vitamin D3?
A: Yes, as soon as the child can swallow the tablet.  However, depending on the age of the child it may be more prudent and safer to crush the tablet and mix it with apple sauce or juice or your choice.


Blood Sugar Control

Metabolic Vibrance

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Q: Can I take the Metabolic Vibrance with insulin?
A: You should discuss this with your doctor.  If your doctor is okay with you taking Metabolic Vibrance with your insulin he will most likely recommend adjusting your insulin levels.

Q: Can I use this product with any other products of yours?
A: Yes, Since Diabetes and Syndrome “X” can reduce antioxidant activity within the cells, Rainbow Vibrance and Green Vibrance can help improve antioxidant status.  The antioxidants can protect the tissues which are sensitive to blood sugar fluctuations, ie: eye, nerve and Kidney.


Heart Health 

Cholesterol Blocker

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Q: What are plant sterols?
A: They are fatty alcohols that cannot be absorbed by the body.  They can block cholesterol on a per mg basis, which means each cholesterol tablet can block up to 500 mg of cholesterol.   When the Cholesterol wafer is taken with a meal, the plant sterols bind with LDL cholesterol in the intestines.  The cholesterol becomes trapped in a crystalline matrix thus passing through the digestive tract without being absorbed into the body. 

Q: What is policosanol?
A: Policosanol (or polycosanol) is the generic term for a natural extract of plant waxes. It is used as a nutritional supplement intended to lower LDL cholesterol ("bad" cholesterol) and increase HDL cholesterol ("good" or "healthy" cholesterol) and to help prevent atherosclerosis.  

Q:  What will the Cholesterol Blocker do for you?
A: Normalize cholesterol, inhibits arterial inflammation, helps reduce plaque in arteries, and will help support healthy prostrate and immune function.
Cholesterol Blocker will block oxidized cholesterol (found in animal foods).  Oxidized Cholesterol are some of the most potent carcinogens known; phytosterols (plant sterols & policosanol) stop their absorption.

Q: How often can I take the Cholesterol Blocker?
A: Cholesterol Blocker can be taken throughout the day, there is no limit in how many you can take.  If you know that you are going to be eating a meal that contains cholesterol, you can take one chewable tablet with your first bite of a cholesterol filled meal.  Cholesterol Blocker can also be taken in between meals to help absorb Cholesterol in the gut. Cholesterol found in the gut can be reabsorbed from bile back into the body…Cholesterol Blocker can block that re-absorption.

Q: Can anyone take Cholesterol Blocker?
A: Cholesterol Blocker is designed for adult men and women to take with food and between meals.  Cholesterol Blocker is a chewable wafer and clearly should never be given to toddlers, infants and children who are not ready to eat solid food.


Joint Health

Joint Vibrance

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Q: How can I mix the Joint Vibrance?
A: Because of the density of the formula, the product does not blend easily.  Here are our recommendations to successful mixing:

  1. Joint Vibrance can be mixed with your beverage of choice and can be taken hot or cold.  
  2. You can mix Joint Vibrance in 6-8 ounces of hot water and drink as a tea. 
  3. If you prefer, you may add a scoop to 2 or more ounces of warm/or hot water (to blend ) then add your choice of cold  liquid. 
  4. You may also use a shaker bottle. 
  5. You may add it to lemonade, grapefruit, grape juice or apple juice/ apple cider (with a dash of cinnamon).  
  6. It mixes well in vegetable juice and tastes great too.

Q: How often can I take Joint Vibrance?
A: Joint Vibrance is intended to maintain healthy joint function. Cartilage is a non-vascular tissue. Nutrients reach it slowly and indirectly by circulating through fluids bathing the joints.  It is important that the health building nutrients in Joint Vibrance are taken daily in order to provide a continual nutrient bath required to support new growth until repair is satisfactory. 

Q: Can I take Joint Vibrance more than once a day?
A: As part of a therapeutic regiment Joint Vibrance can be used up to twice a day. 

Q: Can I take Joint Vibrance if I am allergic to shellfish?
A: During the manufacturing process the Glucosamine Sulfate (shellfish) is processed in such a way that the polypeptides (amino acids) are removed from the shellfish, thereby removing the allergens from it.

Q: Can you mix the amino acids in Joint Vibrance with other amino acids?  
A: I recommend that Joint Vibrance be taken on an empty stomach so that absorption of the hydrolyzed collagen will be maximized. If anyone eats a lot of protein at one sitting, not all of that protein will be absorbed. Much of it will be passed in the feces. Since the purpose of Joint Vibrance is to heal damaged joints and rebuild cartilage, then it follows that it is desirable to maximize absorption of nutrients contained in it. It is not an inexpensive supplement, so there is little point in creating an environment of competitive absorption by placing other forms of protein into the G.I. tract along with collagen from Joint Vibrance.




A Man’s Zinc

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Q: What is A Man’s Zinc?
A: A combination of a Zinc and Phytosterols.  If a supplement is needed for mature men, we recommend zinc arginate, a supplement that supplies two nutrients found abundantly in prostate tissue, zinc and arginine. To that compound, we add phytosterols; fatty alcohols from plants (extracted from soy oil in this case) known to support healthy prostate function.

Q: Is A Man’s Zinc just for men?
A: Although Zinc arginate can be taken by both men and women, A Man’s Zinc has been designed to support and target a man’s prostate.

Q: How will it benefit me?
A: Plant sterols are known to shrink an enlarged prostate. The main transporter of zinc into prostate tissue is the amino acid arginine, which is a nutrient also found concentrated in the prostate gland. Binding zinc to arginine helps direct it to the tissue that has the highest requirement for the mineral. Without adequate zinc, sperm production decreases, and the general health of the prostate falters.

Q: What are phytosterols?
A: Plant Sterols are plant alcohols that are known to block the absorption of cholesterol from the gastrointestinal tract and to help shrink an already enlarged prostate.

Q: Why take A Man’s Zinc?
A: A: Without adequate zinc, sperm production decreases and the general health of the prostate falters. In addition:

  • Zinc is required for production of hormones needed for normal growth, development, maturation, reproduction and tissue integrity. You can’t make new cells without it.
  • Zinc stabilizes cell membranes, protecting them against oxidation. In that role, it is an anti-aging nutrient.
  • Zinc potentiates the action of insulin, helping move sugar into cells. (So do chromium, vanadium, and manganese.)
  • Zinc has been identified in several hundred enzymes and proteins. Zinc, as part of these enzymes, is critical to the metabolism of proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, mucopolysaccharides and carbohydrates.

So, without adequate zinc, critical enzyme systems begin to break down. Sense of taste becomes less acute (an early warning of deficiency) or disappears, damaged tissue heals more slowly or not at all, digestion falters, growth and development slow, and aging accelerates.


Krebs Zinc

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Q: What is Krebs Zinc good for?
A: Zinc is essential to growth, sexual development, reproduction, tissue repair and integrity, immunity, bone building, and antioxidant protection.  Krebs Zinc is the superior form of zinc for use by every member of the family. Children need it in order to physically develop and mature. We all need it for healing, bone health, immune function, to maintain the senses of taste and smell – and to keep more than 300 enzymes in the body functioning properly.

Q: Why take Krebs Zinc?
A: Vibrant Health’s Krebs Zinc complex supplies a full and legitimate 20% of its elemental mineral potency from zinc alpha-ketoglutarate, with another 20% also coming from each of the other compounds: 20% from citrate, 20% from malate, 20% from succinate and 20% from fumarate. All the compounds are fully reacted, with no unbound species present.  Zinc is essential to growth, sexual development and reproduction, tissue repair and integrity, immunity, bone building, and antioxidant protection.  

Q: What is the purpose of Krebs Zinc?
A: Krebs Zinc purpose is to generate energy in the form of ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate). Since each cell must generate its own energy every moment that you are alive, there is a great and constant demand for the organic acids used in the Krebs cycle. Therefore, minerals bound to them are more readily absorbed in the gut, transported through the blood, delivered to the cells and utilized. 

Q: Can Krebs Zinc be used by everyone?
A: It is a general purpose zinc, meaning that it can be used by all family members. Children need it in order to physically develop and mature. We all need it for healing, bone health, immune function, to maintain the senses of taste and smell, and to keep more than 300 enzymes in the body functioning properly.

Q: How is Krebs Zinc different than A Man’s Zinc?
A: Rather than binding zinc with arginine to target the prostate, Krebs Zinc uses zinc bound to the five organic acids required by the Krebs cycle. They include alpha keto-glutaric acid, citric acid, fumaric acid, malic acid and succinic acid. 


Raw Foods-Vegan-Vegetarian

Field of Greens

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Q: Can anyone take Field of Greens?
A: Yes, like most Vibrant Health Branded Products it is food-based and subsequently it is safe for all ages.  The combination of whole leaf and juice powders provide fiber and nutritional density that is hard to find in today's typical American brown and beige diet.

Q: Who certifies the product Kosher?
A: There are a myriad of Kosher Certifiers.  Each Manufacturer is usually certified by only one and again there are many certifiers to choose from.  Our manufacturer uses Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC) to certify all of the products they manufacture at their facility.  

Q: What is 1 serving/scoop equivalent to in tablespoons?
A:  One serving of Field of Greens is equivalent to 1 rounded tablespoon.  However, a premeasured scoop is provided in the bottle for your convenience.

Q: Is there any cholesterol in Field of Greens?
A: No.  There is zero cholesterol in Field of Greens.

Q: Is Field of Greens gluten free?
A:  Yes.  Since the grasses are harvested before the jointing phase they have yet to sprout.  The sprouting process begins the process of the grain creation.  It is the grain that contains all of the gluten.  Since we use the young grass that is far from the jointing phase there is no grain and subsequently no gluten.

Q: How many times a day can I take Field of Greens?
A: Once a day is sufficient.  Nevertheless, you can take Field of Greens more than once a day if you want maximum nutritional density.  For example, you can take Field of Greens by itself, in a smoothie or juice in the morning and again at night with dinner to boost your daily servings of vegetables.

Q: Can you take Field of Greens during pregnancy?
A: Yes, it is safe to take Field of Greens while you or pregnant and while you are lactating.  The nutrient density, fiber, alkalizing and energizing benefits of Field of Greens is just what Mom needs and taking Field of Greens while Pregnant is very beneficial for the fetus as well.

Q: Why is Field of Greens called a raw product?
A: The exact definition of a raw food varies.  However, the general consensus is that a food is considered raw if it has not been subjected to temperatures above 118 degrees Fahrenheit.  All grasses used in Field of Greens are freeze dried or dried at temperatures between 40 and 94 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: Can you cook/bake with Field of Greens?
A:  Baking Field of Greens into a food (bread, casserole, soup, etc.) would not nullify its nutritional attributes, but would cause some loss of nutrient value. However, if we keep in mind that the cooked food could be made in a conventional fashion, without the addition of Field of Greens, then adding Field of Greens would nevertheless improve its nutritional content even if some, but certainly not all, of Field of Greens’ nutrients were degraded in the process. 

Q: What size is Field of Greens available in?
A: 15 day canister, 30 day canister, and 60 day canister

Q: Does it come in capsules?
A: No.  Capsules are available.

Q: Is it suitable for all ages?
A: Yes, see dosages here:
¼  scoop infants up to to age 2 
½ scoop age  2-6
Full scoop 6 and up


Women's Health

Cran Naturelle

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Q: What is Cran Naturelle®?
A: Cran Naturelle  is made from 100% pure cranberries. It is produced from pure, organically grown whole cranberries (seeds, skin, pulp and juice), extracted through a proprietary process by Fruit d’Or in Quebec Canada. Fruit d’Or organically grows their own cranberries and processes them themselves in a seamless process from start to finish.  This process enhances and intensifies the natural beneficial constituents of the whole cranberry without the addition of sugars, preservatives, flavorings, or coatings.  

Q: Can’t I drink cranberry juice to support urinary tract health?
A: Earlier studies have shown that a 10 oz. serving of Cranberry juice cocktail has a positive effect on maintaining a healthy urinary tract. Cranberry juice and cranberry juice beverages contain sugar. Cran Naturelle® does not.

Q: There are a handful of cranberry supplements on the market.  What makes this one better?
A: Cran Naturelle® has been clinically tested at the University of Wisconsin and Rutgers University to demonstrate both a high level of proanthocyanidins and anti-adhesion of E. coli bacteria. 

Q: What causes UTIs?
A: E.coli and other gram-negative bacteria (Pathogenic Bacteria) cause UTIs. 30% of women will have some sort of urinary tract infection this year. Half the women in the world will have a urinary tract infection (UTI) by the age of thirty.  Men are by no means immune. Cran Naturelle® 500 mg. capsules are bio-engineered to have unique potency against E.coli, the primary cause of UTIs. Cran Naturelle® is made from the complete cranberry – the fruit solids, juice, seeds and skin. Unlike other cranberry supplements, Cran Naturelle® contains the full synergistic spectrum of the whole cranberry and is not just an extract.

Q: Why do the instructions say take the capsules 12 hours apart? 
A: As a dietary supplement, take one (1) or two (2) capsules per day for pesons with normal bladders. If two or more capsules are used, take the second 12 hours after the first to sustain Cran Naturelle® in your system until good urinary health is achieved.

Q: My doctor prescribed antibiotics to treat my urinary tract infection. Can I use your product in tandem with medication?
A: There are no known side effects or contra-indications if used along with medication or drugs. American Indians used cranberries as a preparation for dressing wounds. The staunching, anti-bacterial and healing properties lie in the rich polyphenols content including condensed tannins and smaller OPCs. 

U.T Biotic

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Q: What is U.T Biotic? 
A: UT.Biotic is a dietary supplement designed to support urogenital health and help prevent Urinary tract infections. It was formulated as a daily maintenance formula to support healthy flora with 25 Billion Probiotics + PACran™ Cranberry concentrate. Clinically tested PACran™ improves anti-adherence and urogenital health. Used daily it is a great way to keep a healthy urinary tract for those prone to UTI’s.

Q: What causes UTI's?
A:  Colonization of pathogenic bacteria can be the root cause of many urinary tract infections.  E.coli and other gram-negative bacteria (Pathogenic Bacteria) adhere to the urogenital tissues in the urinary tract and cause UTI's. 30% of women will have some sort of urinary tract infection this year. Half the women in the world will have a urinary tract infection(UTI) by the age of thirty.  Men are by no means immune. 

Q: What causes recurring infections?
A: Recurrent urinary tract infections afflict a great number of women around the world.  E.coli bacteria that invade an otherwise sterile urinary tract cause 90 percent of urinary tract infections and seventy to eighty percent of repeat infections. Treating urinary infections with antibiotics can set a stage for repeat infections by bacteria other than E.coli.  

Q: What’s in the product that helps maintain a healthy urogenital system?
A:  Probiotics play a role in the maintenance of a healthy vaginal tract by preventing the colonization of pathogenic bacteria.  Cran-Max™ contains 25 Billion Probiotics + Patented PACran™ cranberry concentrate.   PACran™ provides a unique class of proanthocyandins clinically shown to resist adhesion of unwelcome bacteria in the urinary tract. It joins 25 billion probiotics from 7 strains known to be beneficial for urogenital health. Probiotics dominate the urogenital flora of healthy women.  Probiotics can be beneficial for preventing recurrent UTIs.   

Q: Is U.T. Biotic safe for children?
A: Yes, U.T. Biotic is safe for children when used as directed.  One capsule per day mixed in yogurt or dissolved in beverage of choice. 

Q: Why use U.T. Biotic?
A: U.T. Biotic is a natural and effective supplement used in the maintenance of a healthy urogenital system. This daily maintenance formula has 25 Billion Probiotics+ Patented PACran™ cranberry concentrate and can be used to prevent urinary tract infections before the appear.

U.T. Vibrance

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Q. What is U.T. Vibrance??
A: U.T. Vibrance  is a crisis intervention formula and silver bullet in the treatment of urinary tract infections.   U.T. Vibrance is a combination of D-Mannose (a carbohydrate sugar) and anti-adherent botanicals which work synergistically to eradicate E-coli bacteria  from the urinary tract. D-Mannose lures the E-coli from the urinary tract wall and anti-adherent botanicals act as diuretics making the walls of the urinary tract slippery and unwelcoming to pathogenic bacteria preventing re-colonization in the urogenital tract.

Q: Can U.T. Vibrance be taken by children?
A: Yes, U.T. Vibrance can be taken by women, men and children albeit in a modified dosage for children: infants-2 years - 1/4 of scoop; 2-6 years - ½ scoop 6 years + - Full dose.

Q: Is it safe to use U.T. Vibrance while pregnant?  
A: The concern for pregnant women is Goldenseal.  The amount of Goldenseal in U.T. Vibrance is small. At a recommended usage of three servings per day, 150 mg will be consumed within a period of 24hrs, while taking Cran Naturelle®.  Generally, this herb is not considered to be safe for use during pregnancy, although the full risks (or lack thereof) are not known. 

Goldenseal contains berberine, a compound that crosses the placenta and could possibly harm a fetus. Additionally, taking it late in pregnancy could increase the risk of kernicterus (brain damage due to severe jaundice) in the newborn.
If you are pregnant and considering goldenseal, talk to your healthcare provider. It is always a good idea to have a discussion with your healthcare provider before taking any medication or supplement. This is very important, even if you think your healthcare provider will not understand your choice or will discourage the use of alternative medicines.

Q:  Where is the d-Mannose derived from? 
A:  D-mannose is manufactured from birch and beech trees without using solvents. The process to extract d-mannose consists of using a strong light to charge the ions of mannose which allows the mannose to stick to a collector plate where they are scraped off in sterile conditions.

The process which extracts the mannose is called photosynthesis which is a clean process using light to create a charge on the ions which dissolves the mannose and produces only pure bio-active d-mannose which is effective against e.coli, the cause of 90% of bladder infections.

Q: Is it ok to take U.T. Vibrance while also taking an antibiotic? 
A: Yes, it can be taken in conjunction with an antibiotic.  However, the effectiveness of U.T. Vibrance may eliminate the need for antibiotics.  Mannose is an effective lure for e.coli bacteria.  It lures this bad bacteria away from the urinary tract wall while antibiotics destroy all bacteria in the urogenital tract, both good and bad.

Q:  Is U.T. Vibrance Gluten Free?  
A: Yes, upon most recent testing U.T. Vibrance has been declared gluten free.


Immune Support 

Immune Defense  

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Q: What is Immune Defense
A: Immune Defense combines Larch Aribinogalactans, Immunoglobulins, Beta 1,3 and 1,6 Glucans and Gigartina Red Marine Algae to create a most comprehensive and effective daily immune boosting supplement.

Q: Who can use Immune Defense?
A: Anyone at any age that can swallow a tablet; it can be chewed, crushed with a tablet cutter or thrown into a blender when making smoothies.

Q: Why should I take the Immune Defense? 
A:  Immune Defense is designed to help build-up your natural immunities and has been reported to help with bloating, indigestion, upset stomach, and nausea.  You won’t believe how great you feel.  You soon won’t remember the last time you didn't feel well. 

Maximized Turmeric 46X

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Q: What does 46x mean?
A: 46x refers to the bioavailability of the product.  Curcuwin®, has been verified in a double-blind placebo controlled study to deliver 46 times more curcuminoids into the bloodstream than an equal weight dosage of 95% standardized extract of turmeric.

Q: Why does this product contain only 400mg per capsule when its predecessor contained 1,000mg tablets
A: Because of the improved bioavailability of Maximized Turmeric (vs. Maximized Curciminoids), it is about 19.34 times more potent than its predecessor and 46 times more bioavailable than standard curcumin. That means each new 400 mg capsule packs as much power as 18,400 mg of than 95% curcuminoid standardized extract. It is a stronger product without needing the same mg content.

Q: What is Curcuwin®?
A: Curcuwin® is a novel curcumin formulation with clinically proven superior absorption. 

Q: What are Curcuminoids? 
A: Curcuminoids are the bright orange pigments of Turmeric (Curcuma Longa).
They belong to the family of polyphenols that include all bioflavonoids, flavans and flavonols. . All polyphenols are antioxidants, with certain groups being stronger than others, among the most powerful are Curcuminoids. 
Curcuminoids directly scavenge free radicals and are strong anti-inflammatories.
Curcuminoids have traditionally been used in India to relieve digestive disorders, liver disease and jaundice, urinary disorders, and skin problems and to aid in wound healing, arthritic and allergic inflammations. Research demonstrates anti-inflammatory activity comparable to indomethacin and phenylbutazone but without side effects. 

Q: What are the ingredients in Maximized Turmeric 46x?
Curcuwin® 125 mg, vegetable cellulose capsule, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, vegetable magnesium stearate.

Q: Is it true Curcuminoids rid the body of tobacco mutagens?
A: If you’ve ever smoked before studies have shown that curcuminoids in Maximized Turmeric 46x sweep the bladder clean of tobacco mutagens, and inhibit production of aflatoxins, carcinogens and mold on corn or peanuts.

Q: Are Curcuminoids effective against bladder or urinary tract infections?
A: Studies have shown that Curcuminoids inhibit the growth of gram positive and gram negative pathogenic bacteria, fungi and intestinal parasites in the gastrointestinal tract.

Q: What are other healing properties of Curcuminoids?
A: Curcuminoids support cardiovascular health, joint health, intestinal rehabilitation, anti-aging, general nutritional support, athletic performance, post surgical recovery and environmental protection. 

Turmeric 46x

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Q: What does 46x mean?
A: 46x refers to the bioavailability of the product.  Curcuwin®, has been verified in a double-blind placebo controlled study to deliver 46 times more curcuminoids into the bloodstream than an equal weight dosage of 95% standardized extract of turmeric.

Q: What are Curcuminoids? 
A:  Curcuminoids are the bright orange pigments of Turmeric (Curcuma Longa).
They belong to the family of polyphenols that include all bioflavonoids, flavans and flavonols. . All polyphenols are antioxidants, with certain groups being stronger than others, among the most powerful are Curcuminoids. 
Curcuminoids directly scavenge free radicals and are strong anti inflammatories.
Curcuminoids have traditionally been used in India to relive digestive disorders, liver disease and jaundice, urinary disorders, and skin problems and to aid in wound healing, arthritic and allergic inflammations. Research demonstrates anti-inflammatory activity comparable to indomethacin and phenylbutazone but without side effects. 

Q: What are the ingredients in Turmeric 46x?
A: The primary curcuminoids of turmeric, curcumin, demethyoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin, have shown anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal and anti-mutagenic properties.

Q: Is it true Curcuminoids rid the body of tobacco mutagens?
A: If you’ve ever smoked before studies have shown that Curcuminoids sweep the bladder clean of tobacco mutagens, and inhibit production of aflatoxins, carcinogens and mold on corn or peanuts.

Q: Are Curcuminoids effective against bladder or urinary tract infections?
A: Studies have shown that Curcuminoids inhibit the growth of gram positive and gram negative pathogenic bacteria, fungi and intestinal parasites in the gastrointestinal tract.

Q: What are other healing properties of Curcuminoids?
A: Curcuminoids support cardiovascular health, joint health, intestinal rehabilitation, anti-aging, general nutritional support, athletic performance, post surgical recovery and environmental protection. 

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