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Vitamin D3: Tablets Vs. Capsules 

Why did you choose to use a hard tablet for the Vitamin D3?

All other dosage forms for the delivery of vitamin D3, whether it is a two-piece hardshell capsule or a soft elastic gelatin capsule or a conventionally configured tablet, will contain non-organic ingredients, and very great quantity of them relative to the amount of vitamin D actually in the finished product. Vitamin D3 itself is a phenomenally concentrated material. Hundreds of thousands of international units of potency can be contained in one tiny droplet. As a result, even a 5000 international unit supplement of vitamin D three will contain only the merest speck of vitamin buried within a relative mass of excipients. If one is going to ingest all lot of excipients along with the sought after nutrient, then we believe those excipients should be the cleanest, most healthful excipients that can be used. With that thought in mind, our goal was to produce a certified organic product. But neither soft elastic gelatin (SEG) capsules nor two-piece hardshell capsules could be used because no certified organic SEG, two-piece gelatin or cellulose capsules are available at this time. We were nevertheless able to reach our goal by creating tablets using certified organic tableting excipients.


Wouldn’t using a capsule make it more water-soluble?

If anyone were to hold one of our D3 tablets in his or her mouth for long, they would know the answer to this question. The organic tablets disintegrate very rapidly, releasing the D3 faster than even a two-piece capsule. Keep in mind, however, that vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. How rapidly the tablet or capsule disintegrates in water, saliva or the stomach will have no effect on the absorbability of D3. Vitamins D, E, K and A all must be taken with meals that contain some fat. Vitamin D3 and dietary fats are incorporated into absorbable globules called the chylomicrons. As a part of those chylomicrons, vitamin D3 hitches a ride into the body via that vehicle. It makes no difference to the biochemical processes taking place in the gastrointestinal tract regarding whether the molecules of vitamin D3 have arrived on the scene from a disintegrated SDG capsule, two-piece hardshell capsule or a Vibrant Health certified organic tablet. So the bottom line is that our tablet gets D3 into the GI tract and releases it quickly, setting the stage for later absorption that should be quite thorough – if the consumer consumes it with some measure of fat. And our tablet does the job more cleanly than any other product on the market.

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