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Gigartina RMA 90 capsules

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Gigartina RMA 120 capsules$39.95
Gigartina RMA 90 capsules$34.95

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Rich in sulfated polysaccharides.

Immune Support from the Sea
We know that sufficient rest together with a healthful diet and exercise can do much to maintain a robust immune system. Sulfated polysaccharides from the sea can help.

Is There Anything Else We Can Do?
Botanical science has discovered and identified a substantial number of substances and compounds from plants that can improve functions of the human immune response. They have probably been playing that supporting role as part of the human diet for millennia. One specialized group of immune enhancing substances is the sulfated polysaccharides, sulfur containing complex sugars found most notably in a select group of sea plants. Read More


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Gigartina RMA 90 capsules (This product) $34.95
RMA Ointment $19.95
Super Natural C $26.95
(Total Price: $81.85)

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