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Vitamin D3 2,000 i.u.

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Vitamin D3 4,000 i.u.$14.95
Vitamin D3 2,000 i.u.$13.95

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Research over the past decade has reinforced the importance of Vitamin D in human nutrition. In the process, new roles in health maintenance related to immunity and chemoprevention have been added to the nutrient’s widely known benefits for skeletal health, and, indirectly, for tissue integrity. Vitamin D has now been shown to have a role in protecting against osteoporosis, cancers, autoimmune diseases, and high blood pressure, while supporting brain and immune function. Read More


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Vitamin D3 2,000 i.u. (This product) $13.95
Super Natural Calcium Powder $39.95
Super Natural Boron $14.95
(Total Price: $68.85)

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