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60 Chewable Tablets 510 mg Gluten Free


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Click here to download Product Flyer (PDF) Chew your way to a healthier heart! Cholesterol Blocker delivers more than 500 mg. of phytosterols per chewable, vanilla flavored tablet. Phytosterols are fatty alcohols found in plants that can block the absorption of dietary cholesterol when taken with food. One milligram of phytosterols can block absorption of one milligram of cholesterol. Where the Problem Lies: If one eats any animal product (e.g. meat, cheese, butter), one will encounter oxidized cholesterol. Meat cannot be held in a butcher case, cooked, canned or processed in any way without oxidizing cholesterol. Milk cannot be pasteurized nor cheese allowed to age without forming oxidized cholesterol. Cholesterol is part of each muscle cell wall and is found in all animal fats. Leanness is not the issue. The highest cholesterol food listed in USDA Handbooks is turkey. It is just the nature of the beast that it contains more cholesterol in its cell membranes than most other animals. Read More

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