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Vibrant Health Team




Alanna M.

Graphic Designer

I’m a Graphic Designer in the Creative Department. I’ve only been working at Vibrant Health for a short time, but I have been using Vibrant Health products for as long as I can remember. I mix Rainbow Vibrance and Green Vibrance every morning to start my day. Whenever I start to feel “under the weather” I immediately take Gigartina RMA and Immune Defense to prevent myself from getting sick. I’m interested in the role plant-based nutrition plays in one’s overall health and vitality and love being a part of promoting the practice of nutritional education before marketing.

Ashley L.
Customer Relations Specialist

I started working as a Customer Service Relations Specialist back in January 2016 and have gained so much valuable knowledge and experience since then. I am a Fitness coach and Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and a minor in Business Administration from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a Nutrition and Health Coach certification from the Institute of Transformational Nutrition. During my college career, I have interned and worked under celebrity nutritionists J.J. Virgin and Cynthia Pasquella, as well as Christine Bullock, LA’s Hottest Trainer 2013, fitness model, nutrition counselor and celebrity trainer and judge on Asia’s Fit for Fashion. Between my educational accomplishments and studying under the best fitness & nutrition experts, I am determined to help others live a more vibrant life here at Vibrant Health! On a daily basis, I take a slew of Vibrant health products, including Max Vibrance, Super Natural C, Super Natural Boron and Vitamin D and ProMatcha (which I love before and after I work out!). Besides work AND working out, I enjoy hanging out with my twin sister, trying new foods (anything ethnic, really!), walking my dog Lucky and cooking.

Bri Torneo
Shipping Specialist

I have been with this great company for almost 3 yrs in total. I enjoy working here, it feels like a family to me. I begin my day with a Maximum Vibrance shake. I also enjoy Pro Matcha Vanilla and many other products. I work in the shipping department which I enjoy. I really like the people I work with.

Chelsea A.
Customer Relations Specialist

I joined the Vibrant health team in June of 2013, working in Customer Service. I take the Green Vibrance every morning. It has become part of my daily routine, helping me feel more energized, and feeling great. I love mixing it with orange juice or in a smoothie with mixed berries, banana, or even experiment a little with different fruits and vegetables!  I also enjoy the Pro Matcha Protein and the Vitamin D3. I stay vibrant by spending time outdoors, walking and hiking with my very active Border Collie, as well as horseback riding and swimming.

Elisa Elisa J.
Creative Director

I am a 2003 graduate of Bridgewater State College located in Bridgewater, MA with a BA in Art and a Concentration in Graphic Design. My professional background is in design and technology. I began working with Vibrant Health in September 2009 and it was at that same time Green Vibrance became part of my daily routine. In addition to taking Green Vibrance I also enjoy Maximum Vibrance to give me a real energy boost and the essentials like Immune Defense and Curcuminoids. I am a Mom to 2 boys, Keaton and Landen. I enjoy kayaking, running and spending time with husband and our two boys.Vibrant Health is a wonderful place to work and the Creative Team which has formed in recent years with the addition of Alanna Mulligan, Kate Shanley and Matthew Hajducky has allowed for the new website, our social media presence and other exciting developments!

Evie M.

Shipping Director

I have worked at Vibrant Health since 2006. I started taking Green Vibrance when I first started working at Vibrant Health and it took some time for me to adjust to the taste. I now take it every morning along with Curcuminoids. (cancer runs in my family) My favorite product is Immune Defense. I take it as soon as I feel like I’m getting sick and 9 times out of 10 it works for me.

Gina Gina C.
Sales Support / Administration

I began working for Vibrant Health in April of 1998 and at the time the only other employees besides myself were Tom & Karen Story. At that time Vibrant Health was located in a small General Store in Lime Rock, CT. We’ve come a long way since then, we have more than tripled our office/warehouse space as well as our staff. I was introduced to Green Vibrance prior to working for the company and have been using it daily ever since. Each morning I start my day with a smoothie that includes our Green Vibrance, Joint Vibrance, Rainbow Vibrance, PureGreen Protein & Super Natural C. I also use our Vitamin D3, Gigartina and Immune Defense.

Heidi Heidi L.
Accounting Executive / Administrative Assistant

I have worked for Vibrant Health since 2007. I enjoy starting my day with a PureGreen Protein smoothie, that I mix with yogurt, milk, and frozen fruit. I also highly recommend the maximized curcuminoids for a natural pain reliever. I injured myself in sports and this helped me tremendously in my recovery.

Jeff A.
National Sales Director

I have been in the sales and marketing arena since 1991.  I grew up on Long Island, where I attended St. Anthony’s High School.  After graduating from, I went on to pursue a Political Science degree from Villanova University. Upon graduating in 1991, and fully realizing I had zero desire to become a lawyer, I went back home, moved into my old room with Mom and Dad, and said to myself…, ””Now what?””  It was at this moment my father quickly responded, ““I don’t know but you better find something, moron!””  I then decided to follow in my father’s footsteps, medical sales and marketing. I immediately went to work for Wyeth-Ayerst pharmaceuticals as a territory representative in Queens, NY.  I became a regional field trainer after just 1 short year with the company and have never looked back.  Since those wonderful days, I have always worked in the medical device arena.  I’ve sold items ranging from coronary stents, to breast implants, to carotid artery protection devices, to in-dwelling CT ports, to neurovascular embolic coils and gel, to name just a few. I have been a sales rep of the year, a rookie sales rep of the year, a field sales trainer (both national and international), a manager, a regional VP, and a national director of clinical education (cadaver lab training).  It is with tremendous excitement that I bring my sales and marketing experience to the Vibrant Health Team!  I have been married for 20 years to my very supportive wife, Trish, and we have 4 children, 3 daughters  (17, 15, and 10), and 1 son (5).  We live in Pawling, NY.  My interests include travelling, skiing, golfing, cycling, stand-up comedy/ improv, and tennis. Trish and I have a beautiful home on the Istrian Peninsula of Croatia, where we try to visit as often as possible to see family, relax on the beach, and drink a wonderful red wine we produce from our own family run vineyard.

Jordan C.
Warehouse Manager

I was born and raised in a rural area of upstate NY. I moved to the Albany, NY area in my early 20’s and landscape for several years. Eventually I took a warehouse job and loved the physicality of it. Later, I became a warehouse manager where I learned the entire shipping, receiving and inventory process. I went to Vibrant Health to discuss a job, but I left knowing that I wanted to be part of the company. There was a strong sense of camaraderie and the staff seemed to really believe in the products. After so many years of being active, my joints had become sore and worn out. Paige sent me home with a bottle of Joint Vibrance and, within a couple of weeks, I felt a huge difference. I now know why the staff stand by their products. When I am not at work I enjoy being active (without achey joints), and traveling with my band.

Karrie R.
Shipping Specialist

I started working at Vibrant Health in August 2014, in the Shipping Dept. and then moved into the Customer Service Dept shortly after. I have worked in Customer Service/Sales for over 14 years with over 3 years of Management experience. I love working at Vibrant Health. It’s been a rewarding experience, I work with amazing people and enjoy going to work everyday. I take an assortment of Vibrant Health products each morning for overall health, but mainly the Maximized Curcuminoids. I was diagnosed with cluster headaches about 4 years ago and the Curcuminoids help reduce them almost tenfold. I’ve lived in the same small town for the majority of my life. In my free time I enjoy doing many different things like hiking, reading, knitting, crocheting, going to the races among numerous other things and spending time with friends and family. I am the proud mother to my 7 year old daughter.

Kate S.
Media Relations Manager / Pet Consultant

I joined the Vibrant Health team in March, 2013.  I am from Brooklyn, NY originally and now live in Millerton, NY. I am a board certified Holistic Health Coach and a 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher. I have a degree in Animal Science and I’m currently earning a certificate in Clinical Pet Nutrition as well one in Herbalism. I love Pro Matcha (chocolate), Green Vibrance, and Maximum Vibrance (chocolate also, of course) in smoothies or just water. I swear by Immune Defense and Rainbow Vibrance to build immunity and keep me clear-headed.  To stay vibrant I do a lot of yoga, pilates, and hiking. I try to cook with seasonal fruits and vegetables, and laugh every day. I am very excited to have a job where I can share my knowledge and constantly learn more! 

Laura T.
Demo Coordinator and Executive Sales Assistant

I joined Vibrant Health in August of 2014 as a Customer Service Specialist.  Before Vibrant Health I worked as a Health/Weight Loss Counselor.  I am certified as both a Holistic Health Coach and an Eating Psychology Coach.  My training in this area has proved very beneficial when it comes to helping customers with their questions.  Since coming on board I have been trying out all the different products.  My current favorites are Green Vibrance and Vibrant Cleanse.  In my free time I like to be as active as I can.  Yoga, hiking and biking are some of my favorite activities, but any excuse to get outside is a good thing.

Laurie Laurie M.
Customer Relations Specialist

I have been working at Vibrant Health since 2005, starting in the Lime Rock location. I live in the picturesque northwest corner and have been taking almost all of our products. I take the Green Vibrance every day mixed with a multitude of other products!


Maggie F
West Coast Product Educator

I joined the Vibrant Health team in October 2013 as the first West Coast Educator. My education is in Bio Chemistry and Nutrition. I met Ted while working as a Vitamin Manager at Sprouts. I have a passion for educating and empowering people to reach their full health potential through whole foods, regular activity and smart supplementation. With 12 years experience in the Health and Fitness Industry, I have used and recommended Vibrant Health products confidently since 2001.

Mark Mark T.
Founder, Formulator,
MS Clinical Nutrition Read Full Bio
Matthew Matthew H.
Junior Graphic Designer

I joined Vibrant Health in August, 2014. I was born in Bridgeport, CT but have resided in Trumbull, CT since the 3rd grade. I have a degree in Computer Graphics/Digital Arts from Springfield College in Springfield, MA. In my time not at Vibrant Health, I create designs for t-shirts, phone cases, and many other products that I sell independently. In the morning, I mix Green Vibrance with Pro Matcha Protein in a shaker bottle with apple juice or orange juice. After work, I usually rush home to get to the gym. After my workouts, I make a Green Vibrance smoothie with almond milk, strawberries, blueberries and a banana.

Michelle E.
Midwest Territory Account Manager
Paige Paige P.
Vice President

Did you know that morning people are generally happier? I’m a true morning person. Everyday I awake at 5:30 am; I throw on my running shoes and hit the treadmill for an hour (I’m usually joined by my husband, Ted who gets on the elliptical for his 60 minute workout). Once my workout is over, I make a nutritious breakfast and a Vibrant Health smoothie for the whole family. My Emerald Smoothie is comprised of a handful whatever greens I have – plus a scoop of Green Vibrance, Rainbow Vibrance, flax seed oil, almond milk or yogurt (depending what’s in the fridge) frozen berries, a banana and ice cold water. Then it’s off to getting the kids – Paeten(9) and Preston(6) and myself ready for the day. I would love to say it runs smoothly but my kids are like a box of chocolates… you just never know what you’ll get. Then it’s off to the Vibrant Health corporate office for a day of exciting work!!

Sarah C.
Operations Manager

I joined the Vibrant Health team in May, 2012. Every morning I start with Green Vibrance mixed with orange juice. My new favorite thing to do is experiment with smoothies! I like to mix any fruits and vegetables with Green Vibrance, PureGreen Protein and/or Rainbow Vibrance. Ever since we came out with our New Maximum Vibrance I use it as a meal replacement for lunch.To stay Vibrant I enjoy running, power yoga, and enjoying the outdoors with my puppy, Luna!

Sarah M.
Director of Finance

I joined the Vibrant Health Team as an accounting consultant in late 2010. As VH has grown, so has my commitment and involvement with the finance and production departments of the company. I became a full time employee in May of 2013. The work is enjoyable and challenging and I am grateful for my colleagues. I currently take Glycemic Vibrance and Green Vibrance in berry juice every morning and Joint Vibrance in the evening.  I use Immune Defense whenever I feel my immune system needs a boost, Maximized Curcuminoids for any back and muscle aches, and periodically MAX Vibrance. Travelling, kayaking and gardening are my favorite free time activities.

Scott K.
Production Specialist

Starting in January 2013 in Customer Service, I have since migrated to the production office where I manage the supply chain and logistics for a number of products. My VH product of choice is Field of Greens. I’m a graduate of the Ithaca College School of Music, and for recreation I enjoy reading and attending concerts. 

Su K.
Customer Relations Specialist
 / INFRA/NCG Co-Op Account Manager
Sue Sue W.
Shipping Specialist

My affiliation with Vibrant Health began over ten years ago (2002) when my son Mike started working for the company at age of 15 (now 25). My youngest son (Ryan) also worked at Vibrant Health for a few years while he attended high school and is now a sophomore in College (age 20). Although my official career with the company began two years ago (when I joined the shipping & receiving  department) one could argue that our family has been a part of this company for over a decade now. It has been truly rewarding  to be a part of an organization that makes some of the best products available to help improve the health and wellbeing of all who consume them. I use Green Vibrance everyday and I especially love the Green Vibrance Original Meal bars because they taste great and fill me up! At lunchtime Vibrant Health encourages healthy eating by making nutritious meals for the entire team and great smoothies for all to enjoy. Unlike most jobs which can be mundane and predictable there’s always something exciting happening at 99 Railroad Street. And as one of the oldest employees (in principle) I’ve seen a lot of exciting things here and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Taylor K.
Customer Service Relations

I Joined the Vibrant Health team in December of 2015 as a Customer Relations Specialist. I currently hold a degree in Communications and am working on my certificate in Health and Wellness from Bay Path University. I stay vibrant by exercising regularly whether it be going to the gym or getting outside for a run, long walk or even a swim! I love to stay active and constantly further my knowledge of nutrition and exercise. I enjoy starting my day with a Pro Matcha/Green Vibrance smoothie and a Trilogy power pack. Other products I enjoy include Rainbow Vibrance, Vibrant Cleanse and Maximum Vibrance!


Ted B.
Production Manager


Ted P.

What I do to stay Vibrant: Plan to workout everyday. Since I plan to workout every day I actually get in 5-6 days a week. I (of course) take Green Vibrance every day and add to it it Rainbow Vibrance and PureGreen Protein Vanilla. My Wife and I mix the aforementioned blend of GV, RV and PGP in Whole Juices that we juice in a blender not a juicer. The whole Juices are a combination of leafy greens and some fruits as well with ice and almond milk. My wife adds greek yogurt which I have to admit rocks it. The best part about whole juice as opposed to juicing is that you are using the entire vegetable and fruit thus keeping your fiber up and sugar down. Getting the right amount of Fiber daily fights 18 different types of Cancers.I have been with Vibrant Health since 2002.


Todd F.
Director of Product Development & Procurement

I am proud to say that I started with Vibrant Health in August of 2015. I have graduated from Montclair State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. My background includes retail management and B2B raw material sales and procurement. I am passionate about working for Vibrant health as this is the first time I get to work for a company where I can make a difference in other people’s lives. I am in charge of the ingredients that go into Vibrant Health products so I can attest to the quality that you receive when using our product. My favorite products are Joint Vibrance and Max Vibrance which I make sure to have every day and I have never felt better since taking them. The best part about working at Vibrant Health is that I also get to work with my supportive and beautiful wife Su.


Vito Ramos
New England Sales Rep

After trying Green Vibrance, I instantly wanted to come work for the company that created it. There was an open position I found and applied. I began working in the customer service department and eventually moved to Sales in 2015. I’m a huge nerd for Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or anything else that is deemed as “geeky”. MY favorite product is the one that pushed me to want to work for Vibrant Health, Green Vibrance, but Maximum Vibrance is a close second.